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Part 2
Cake jumped on Marshall lee's back and started to claw at his face forcing him to drop Fionna as he was attacked. Fionna stood up and rubbed her head looking up to see the cat fight that was going on. She had to think fast. Fionna looked up at the side of her house and smiled. She began to climb up the side of her house on the vine that had grown out of her window. She stood on her window sill and told herself that this was the one exception and jumped down on the vampire as he finally threw cake off of him. Fionna had him pinned on the ground before he realized what had happened. Marshall lee tried to get up but Fionna had all his weight pushed down on him. She brought her dagger back up to his throat and smiled. He was scared, this 13 year old girl in a bunny hat and red pajamas had a dagger to his throat and ready to kill him. He was afraid, but he was Marshall lee afraid of no one. How dare she make him feel this way, but than he grinned,"I guess a girl so beautiful has a right to stay here." Fionna was shocked and Marshall lee took the opportunity of her guard being down and knocked her down this time he had her pinned down. Marshall lee smiled thinking he had won,"See I told you, no body messes with Marshall lee." Fionna had to think fast, cake was hurt over near the rose bush and Fionna was stuck. She smiled and remembered his comment. Fionna looked back up at his face leaning forward and kissing him. Marshall lee's eyes widened in surprise and Fionna kicked him in the stomach knocking him off of her. She charged him and brought her dagger across his cheek leaving a large gash,"And this is why no one messes with Fionna!" He touched the mark and looked up, the darkness was fading, he had to go," You're a good fighter Fionna, I like that. You can keep the house but remember. This isn't over yet." he flew away and Fionna sighed. She smiled at her small victory. She glanced at cake and ran to her. Cake was lying near the rose bush in a ball. Fionna turned her over to examine her, there were thorns all over her body, her arm was swollen to the size a grapefruit, and she had claw marks all over her. Fionna picked Cake up and took her inside, she laid her down on the couch and went in the kitchen. She made herself a cup of coffee for she knew it would be a long day
YAY TWO IN TWO DAYS. But Sam that's only because you don't have anything to do but write fan fictions.......... yeah its true, Psh oh well close enough to friends right? Hope to keep this trend of one every 1 or 2 days whoot go bears! Sorry guys kinda short. Next one will be longer. I just had to finish this scene

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that sums it up sooooooooooooo...
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